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The RV Lifestyle always seems so attractive! But the truth is, there are pros and cons to always being on the move. Looking at the pros, you get to see exciting new places, meet new people, and have fresh experiences. And looking at the cons, you’re always on the move, you miss your existing friends, and you miss out on the types of experiences that are fostered by staying in place. Meanwhile, several people have encouraged me to start a blog, saying, “I’d follow you!” So I’m taking that as encouragement: Welcome to my blog page!

The blog owner, a woman in a bright yellow tank top, olive green shorts, and olive green cap, standing at the fence overlooking Bryce Canyon. Welcome to my blog page!
Donna at Bryce Canyon July 2021

So here I am, blogging away, and I honestly had no idea there would be so much to learn! Blogging is WAY more than just telling your stories! And it’s one of the reasons I never blogged in the past: Simply because it’s so time-consuming! I hope you enjoy the photos and stories, as they’re all mine!

If you’re asking for a recommendation, there are 3 stories that I consider Cornerstone Content. They are the Galveston Blog, the Indiana Blog, and the Arizona Blog. So, if you begin with one of those, you can’t go wrong! Happy reading!

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