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Visit the Fascinating Museum of Science & Industry

Visit the fascinating Museum of Science and Industry. here is a black locomotive train on display at the museum.

As one of the first groups of people to be allowed access to this museum after it reopened during the Summer of 2020, we were tickled pink!  Neither of us had been here in a very long time and we really wanted to visit the fascinating Museum of Science & Industry.

We Took the Metra into Chicago

The entrance as we visit the fascinating museum of science and industry.
The Entrance to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry

With the help of our cousin, we mapped out a route that would get us to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry on the Metra Electric.  We got an early start and allowed plenty of time.  The parking lot at Flossmoor was a bit of a hike to the station, so we put the kiddo in the stroller, and walked to the boarding platform. 

Naturally, we were cutting it close on time, and if there was an elevator or even a ramp, we didn’t see it. But there certainly was a steep staircase directly in front of us!

Our train was rapidly approaching, so without giving it much thought, I grabbed the front of the stroller, Chris took the back, and we told Kade to hold on! At one point he let out a wail as his arms and legs flailed wildly! We literally RAN up the steep stairway and arrived at the top in time to catch our breath and have a good laugh! Dang! That was an adrenaline rush! 

Never a Dull Moment!

THEN, as we were diggin the train ride, giggling like schoolgirls, we totally missed our stop! Okay….NOW, what do we do? We decided to get off at the next stop and took an Uber to the Museum. What a crazy start!

Just Like Always, with Exceptions

When we finally arrived at the Museum of Science and Industry, we were invited to grab a stylus for the interactive displays. Naturally, safety measures were in place, as you may expect. Many of the displays were exactly as they always had been, with a few exceptions. 

Yesterday's Main Street at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry
Yesterday’s Main Street

For example, Yesterday’s Main Street was still there, but the lights were out and the displays were closed.  

The Coal Mine Shaft Display was closed at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry
Coal Mine was Closed

The whispering gallery was still there, but the elevator into the coal mine was closed. While the display of the beating heart wasn’t there anymore, the premature fetus was, and I wondered if they were the same ones. This is a fascinating museum!

A Video Montage of Our Day at the Museum of Science & Industry

This video was made with the GoPro App, using iPhone pictures.  

What’s Your Favorite?

Have you ever been to Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry? Or did my story trigger a favorite memory? Tell me about it in the comments section below!  

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