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So Many Great Things to Do on Galveston Island

colorful sunset off Pier 21 in Galveston Texas

If your idea of a perfect vacation involves browsing eclectic boutiques, admiring historical homes, and basking on warm sandy beaches, Galveston Island has all that!  This barrier island, cradled in the warm Gulf waters, has plenty to offer in the way of character and charm. And as I’ve discovered, there are so many great things …

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The Road to Rushmore

Looks like a guy headed out to the open field! What the....?

During the summer of 2020, while we had so much time on our hands, my sister and I decided to make plans to visit Mt Rushmore someday.  Then, in the Spring of 2021, I heard that Robert David Steele #UNRIG and Scott McKay “Patriot Street Fighter” were both speaking at events near Mt Rushmore/Custer for …

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The Town of Sylvester TX

First-ever gas station, and its reflection in a puddle by the road.

On day 2 of our journey, just outside of Abilene, we found the very old Town of Sylvester, TX.  It’s not only old, but it actually seems to be melting into the ground!  The buildings are deteriorating, with no new construction replacing it! The Bluebonnet Cafe As we pulled into town, the old Bluebonnet Cafe …

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Navarro County Rest Area

Four iron legs stand from the floor to the ceiling with cross-iron sections making big Xes. Some sort of pulley in the middle. Looks like it might be related to oil drilling. But it's definitely art.

It’s only the first day of our three-week journey, and we are just barely out of our own backyard. The heavy rain is absolutely POURING down, which was a huge driving distraction. As a result of the rain, we missed our exit! And as a result of missing the exit, we found the Navarro County …

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