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The Town of Sylvester TX

First-ever gas station, and its reflection in a puddle by the road.

On day 2 of our journey, just outside of Abilene, we found the very old Town of Sylvester, TX.  It’s not only old, but it actually seems to be melting into the ground!  The buildings are deteriorating, with no new construction replacing it!

The Bluebonnet Cafe

The old Bluebonnet Cafe in Sylvester TX
Bluebonnet Cafe

As we pulled into town, the old Bluebonnet Cafe was the first building to catch my eye. With pieces of the signage drooping down to meet the ground, my jaw dropped as my head turned to follow it, as we drove by.

The Gas Station

An old rundown building with an awning over part of the property (presumably where the gas pumps would have been).
The First Gas Station

Then I saw the reflection of the gas station in the puddle by the road, (see the photo at the top of this post) and knew that I had to pull over immediately!

We Met the Postmaster

Two women stand on the pavement in front of the Sylvester postoffice.
The Post Office in Sylvester Texas

We met the woman that was working at the post office.  While she didn’t exactly introduce herself as the postmaster, she did know a lot about the town!  As she talked about the buildings, I added the information to my photos, but didn’t catch it all!  Brittany, if you’re reading this, please add your comments below!  

The current post office is as modern as any you’d expect to find in a small town. Neither sleet nor snow nor diminishing towns shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds!


The End of an Era

Tall grass and weeds surround a small building that looks very old.
Unknown old building in Sylvester

According to my memory, she said the land could only be purchased by members of the family…or something like that…making it difficult for the town to actually grow! 

A small white building with a small awning over the door. The concrete walkway has an iron handrail. There is a flag pole at the corner of the building, but no flag. Tall grass and weeds surround the building.
This is the old Sylvester Post Office

We were surprised at the current population: Did she say 66?  (When does a town become a Ghost Town?)  The old post office was located in the adjacent lot. Beyond that was the old grocery store. This is fascinating!  We are observing history in the making, and this is most likely the end of an era for the Town of Sylvester, Texas.

Roby is Sylvester’s Neighbor

A vacant, run-down building with white paint in the windows that says "For Sale - Trade For Land Call 54-48 0074" which is an unusual series for a phone number
Roby Real Estate

Although it’s not much bigger, the Town of Roby is just 10 miles up the road.  It has a little more to offer along the line of services (like gas, for example). But it’s still a small town. 

From a retailer's perspective, this is a beautiful store-front display window! But it is empty, as the store is vacant.
Vacant Store Front

Many stores all over America are closed, and the stores of Roby are no different.  While I did not interview anybody to ask WHY the stores were closed, I assume it was due to the ongoing pandemic.

The Antique store spells their name ANTIEKS. "Old west antieks and custom framing"
Old West Antieks and Custom Framing

See what I mean? This business, like so many others across America, has closed its doors!

Back on the Road

But at this point in our day, we had barely gotten on the road, so we didn’t hang out too long.  Sylvester Texas (and its sister-town Roby) were delightful, but our goal is Trinidad, CO by nightfall.  So get back in the car!  

Have you ever been to Abilene? Sylvester? or Roby?  Please tell me about it in the comments below!

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  1. My grandmother on my dad’s side was born in Sylvester in 1911. They were traveling farm laborers and they came to Sylvester for the annual cotton harvest. By February or March they move on to the Arizona laborer camps.

  2. I’m Heaven, while my Grandmother didn’t grow up there, she does own a house in Sylvester where I grew up most my youth. She used to work for an older lady who lived there who gave her the home when she passed. I played in the streets, abandoned buildings (like the school), and even went to the school of Roby. We still own a PO Box in Sylvester where we have to check for her mail even though we live in Abilene. I came across your post while also looking into the history of that old little town my Grandma lived in!

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