Absolute Tenacity

The Las Vegas Strip

The Fountains at the Bellagio Hotel: Tall white spires of water dance in a circle.

In the early planning stages of our trip, my sister made it clear that she really wanted to see the Las Vegas Strip.  We had both been there as little kids, but we don’t really remember it, and we both wanted a fresh experience.  

First Stop: Pawn Stars

The signs read: "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada"
Iconic Vegas Signs

Our first stop in Las Vegas was the famous pawnshop called Pawn Stars where my sister found something she liked and bought it!  With that out of the way, we were told that Fremont Street was not to be missed! Since we didn’t know what to expect, we proceeded with an open mind.


Fremont Street

Colorful lights on Fremont Street
Fremont Street Lights

The first thing that caught my eye, is that the domed ceiling is used as a backdrop for neon lights and eye candy! There are speakers everywhere, so it’s the ultimate in surround sound.   With a zip line running right down the middle, and the scent of cannabis in the air, what’s not to love?

Street Performers

Two gals in thongs (and breast paint) stand in their circle on the Fremont Street Mall.
Fremont Street in Las Vegas

Notice how there are staging circles on the floor: A place for performers to solicit money from strangers.   It took me a while to figure this out and I had been taking pictures freely as I walked along the mall. But apparently, it’s not all free.

A scantily clad performer with face paint waves his hands at me, as if to say "No free pictures!"

Free Pix Ain’t Cool

Apparently, it’s not cool to just walk up and down the mall taking free pictures. And this one performer let me know! Can you see what he did?  First, he waved at me (Notice the money in his hand?)

The scantily-clad performer with face paint has covered his face with one hand, to let me know that it's not okay to take pictures for free! Donations encouraged!

Then he looked at all of the other people, to be sure he wasn’t missing a donation before he looked dead at me and covered his eyes!  At first, I thought, “What a jerk!” but after some time, I was able to put all of this together.

The scantily-clad Fremont Street Performer adjusts his boots before dis-robing.

What He Don’t Know

I saw him LONG before he saw me! Anyway, here’s the tip: Bring Cash so you can tip!


The Las Vegas Strip

The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas is a tall white building (maybe 20 floors) with a tier, layered rooftop, with something in the middle that looks like a crown. Palm trees in the foreground.
The Famous Bellagio Hotel

The Vegas Strip at night is NUTS! People everywhere!  We had the kids strapped into a stroller, and we were hyper-vigilant about safe-guarding ourselves and our belongings as we explored the one-block area around our hotel.  

Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas at night: Red on the bottom, White lights in the middle, and blue lights on the top light up this Eiffel tower in Las Vegas.
The Famous Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas at Night

We saw the Bellagio Hotel with its famous water fountain show. And we saw the Eiffel Tower, both during the day and at night.

Worst Hotel Experience of our Entire Trip

At the risk of sounding like I’m complaining, our stay at Bally’s will go down as the worst hotel experience on our entire trip, for these reasons:

  • The hike from the parking garage to the hotel room was a full-day outing!  It’s easy to get lost.
  • Once at the room, the bellhop drops our luggage, and politely tells us where we can find the pool, but fails to mention that it’s closed. 
  • There was a great little tram that ran all around the hotel, but I could NOT find out any information about its route, its schedule, or its fees.  
  • If you want to speak with an agent, the line is about 30 people long. Good luck.
  • They strongly encouraged us to “Download the APP” which I resisted, for a one-night stay, but I’m sure a number of questions would most certainly be answered.

One night on The Las Vegas Strip was all we could take! Let’s blow!

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