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Shadyhill Speedway-Medaryville IN

The sign at Shadyhill Speedway

The day before this event, I met a guy named Dave at the Crown Point Car Cruise.  He introduced himself as an announcer at the Shadyhill Speedway in Medaryville, Indiana, and encouraged me to come out to the track! So I did! 

Exciting things happen in remote places!

A field of tall corn plants with several silos and grain bins towering above it.
America’s Heartland

Take for example the Shadyhill Speedway in remote Medaryville IN. Sandwiched between Chicago Illinois  and Indianapolis Indiana this hometown dirt track is rockin!  People come from miles around!

Not the Same as Stock Car Races

The announcer's booth at the top of a small hill where people are sitting on bleachers in the shade
The seating area before it was full

As youngsters, our Dad would occasionally take us to the “stock car races”. So it was bitter-sweet visiting a racetrack without him. I’m not sure how the Speedway is different from the stock car races, but the cars -back then- were intentionally trying to hit each other and cause damage. This one, not so much.

As Advertised

Seating to the right of center
Right of Center on a Shady Hill

With your back to the setting sun, the bleachers are in the shade, on a hill. I guess that’s why they call it Shadyhill Speedway! 

Arrive Early

A dark parking lot, full of cars, with floodlights in the background
The Parking Lot

There’s plenty of parking, but even so, the lot filled up! It’s just a short walk to the gate, and the entry fee is affordable! Concession stands and restrooms: Check! 

Bring a Stadium Cushion

Seating area to the left of center
Seating to the left of center

Grab a stadium cushion or your favorite folding chair because the seating is bleacher-style.


I took some pictures, but let’s face it: *Still Shots* at a race track don’t do the race any justice, right? So I pulled-together a montage of video clips, and put them into one longer video.

Turn DOWN the sound at first, and then dial it in. Watch closely at the 2:37 mark, on the left side of the screen as the cars come around the bend.

Notice: A car in the middle of the group FLIPS a couple of times! It’s very subtle, and the dust is heavy, so watch closely!

(Follow-up: He survived the crash, and was taken away by ambulance.)

Have YOU been to the Shadyhill Speedway? It’s a great family venue.

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  1. My brother Ray used to race there.We went a couple of times.The one time our kids were young and had a good time especially because their Uncle was out there racing.

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