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Navarro County Rest Area

Four iron legs stand from the floor to the ceiling with cross-iron sections making big Xes. Some sort of pulley in the middle. Looks like it might be related to oil drilling. But it's definitely art.

It’s only the first day of our three-week journey, and we are just barely out of our own backyard. The heavy rain is absolutely POURING down, which was a huge driving distraction. As a result of the rain, we missed our exit! And as a result of missing the exit, we found the Navarro County Safety Rest Area.

Navarro County Rest Area Raises the Bar!

Signs in the foreground say "restroom" and "Storm Shelter".
Storm Shelter

Hands down, this is the nicest rest area I’ve ever seen! And it totally raises the bar! First off, it’s a Storm Shelter. Then, as a safety rest area, it offers super-clean, well-stocked bathrooms. Additionally, it has a concession area with indoor seating and an outdoor picnic area.

But Really: A Playground?

Under the equipment is a spongey surface.
Spongey Surface

The thing that makes this rest stop exceptional is that there are things to do!  For example, there is a playground for the kids. And it’s not a lame one, either! It’s a really great playground! 

And a Walking Trail

Beautiful cobblestone façade cover the arch over the moat, the pillars holding up the roof, and the rack wall that lines the walkway. In the foreground is a bridge from which the photo was taken, so you can only see the rail. Blue skies; white clouds. For a rest stop, it's really nice!
Texas Rest Stop

Not only that but there’s a walking trail that goes around the perimeter of the property! The artistic bridge, cobblestone rockwork, and the iron buffalo artwork add character and charm to this delightful rest stop!

Have you ever been to the Navarro County Rest Area?

Have you ever been here? Or do you know of any other really great Rest Areas? Tell me your story in the comments section below!  Meanwhile, we are still trying to reach Abilene tonight. So get back in the car!

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