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Make Your Own Unique 60″ Round Towel

An image of a Round Towel with a Fringe around it. Make Your Own Unique 60" Round Towel.

If you want to Make Your Own Unique 60″ Round Towel, you came to the right place! Simply navigate to My Store at the bottom of this article and begin by selecting one of my images: Any image will do. Then select the item onto which you want it printed. In this case, the 60″ Round Towel.

Easy Visualization

Neptune at Virginia Beach – Round Towel

After you make that selection, all of the images will appear as a round towel, so it’s much easier to visualize. Additionally, the photo can be cropped so that your favorite part is printed onto the towel.

Microfiber Towel with Terry-Cotton Back

Make your own unique 60" round towel by selecting an image. The back of the towel is white terry cotton-loops.
Terry Loops on the Back

This plush microfiber towel has a 100% cotton back. It’s perfect for picnics on the grass, outings such as concerts, and for use around the home. (But frankly, I would use something else at the beach.)

Fine Art America Does It

Portland Head Lighthouse on a Round Towel

The images that are shown are from my own photo library: They are my photos! But once you make your selection and place your order, Fine Art America will take care of everything from there. They will print your items and ship them to the address that you have indicated. And should there be any questions, just communicate with them directly. 

Accessories for Your Round Towel

Here’s an idea! After you make your own unique 60″ Round Towel, how about making a matching Tote Bag or a Yoga Mat?! By using the same image, you can have a matched set. Customized by you!

Whatever you’re looking for, I hope this article has inspired a few ideas! Happy Shopping!

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