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Interesting Things to See and Do in Chicago

This is the Chicago skyline

Once upon a time, I lived in Northwest Indiana. And because Indiana is a neighbor to the State of Illinois, I was perfectly aligned to look for Interesting Things to See and Do in Chicago! Let me tell you about my discoveries!

Architecture in Downtown Chicago

An image of a tall building (skyscraper) with lettering across the front of it: TRUMP. It is a mirrored building, so the reflection of the equally-as-impressive tall building across the street are reflected in it.
Interesting Architecture Downtown Chicago

Grab your camera, because the first and most obvious interesting thing to do in Chicago is sightseeing! The architecture is simply amazing! You will find ornate buildings, towers with curved lines, mirrors reflecting other structures, and so much more! Record your travel memories with your favorite camera.

Ornate Buildings

Ornate Architecture on a Chicago Skyscraper
Beautifully Ornate

This is an example of what I mean by ornate buildings.  This beauty stands right there in the heart of all the fancy high-rise buildings, and the detail is incredible! 

Abstract Images

A brick building with windows that reflect the building across from it.
Bricks Don’t Reflect

As you explore the Windy City, remember the landscape is primarily flat and level, with a few inclines/declines, so a good pair of walking shoes is recommended. Aside from windy conditions, also prepare for intense heat and bright sunshine!

Will You be Staying in Chicago?

If you plan on staying in or around Chicago, you’ll want to consider making room reservations!  This widget from Booking.com might help! Aside from hotels, motels, and inns, they also list the B&B’s and cottages! Check it out!


Shop the Magnificent Mile in Chicago

Street Sign reads: The Magnificent Mile
The Magnificent Mile

So here you are in downtown Chicago! If you’re in the mood for shopping, look for The Magnificent Mile! Dozens of big names have set up shop along this strip including Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Macy’s. Take your time; linger! 

Visit Navy Pier

Flags at Navy Pier
Navy Pier Flagpoles

Not far from the downtown area is an attraction called Navy Pier. There is no fee to walk onto the pier, but you should expect to pay for everything else you do. For example, there are several boat charters that will take you away from the shoreline into Lake Michigan, including an Architecture River Tour! There are several restaurants & bars, eclectic gift shops, and an amusement park! They say it’s rated a favorite for date night! 

The Museum of Science and Industry

The entrance at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry.
Entrance To MSI

While it might sound like a geeky thing to do, you absolutely must add the Museum of Science and Industry to your list of Interesting Things to See and Do in Chicago! Some displays have remained the same for decades, but new information is added regularly.

NW Indiana

The Sign at Whihala Beach
Whihala Beach, Southern Lake Michigan

If you are interested in happenings outside the big city, consider exploring Northwest Indiana because it’s only an hour away! For example, both Whihala Beach and The Indiana Dunes are on the Lake Michigan shoreline. For a more extensive list of activities in Northern Indiana, read the blog here! Don’t forget to Pin this article on “Interesting Things to See and Do in Chicago”!

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