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How To Make Your Own Throw Pillows

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Are you redecorating your home or office? Or shopping for a housewarming gift? Let me show you How To Make Your Own Throw Pillows, by using Fine Art America! 

Start With the End in Sight

An image of a square pillow displaying an image of white sand under some colorful Adirondack chairs, under How to make your own throw pillows.
Pensacola White Sands

It might help to “start with the end in sight” by selecting the size of the pillow first. Do you know where the pillow will be placed?   Imagine and measure what size would look good in that spot, and then select that size.

Then, using the widget at the bottom of this page, select an image (any image will do, to get started). Select “Home Décor” and then “Throw Pillow”.  And after that, all of the images will look like a throw pillow! 

What Can You Expect?

An image of a square pillow with an orange begonia filling the entire surface of the pillow.
Begonia- Square Pillow

While the photography is mine at donna-rote.pixels.com the transaction will be handled by Fine Art America. They print the item and then ship it to the address you indicate. Should there be any issues, contact them immediately. 

Oblong Pillow

Sedona pictured on an oblong pillow.
Make Your Own Oblong Pillow

Select your image carefully, as one image is more suited to an oblong format, while another might look better square. Also, the photo can be cropped as to be printed horizontally or vertically, based on the image selected, or based on the space you are trying to fill.

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In Keeping With a Theme

Here, the oblong pillow is vertical, which is perfect for the tall masts of the Tall Ship Elissa.
Vertical Pillow: Tall Ship Elissa

Maybe you want to continue with a current theme (nautical, for example) or a specific color. You can search for those things in the search bar.

Reposition the Image

The nice thing about making your own throw pillows is that you can reposition the image. For example, these two pillows above are made from the same image. Simply enlarge and/or reposition the image, until it looks just right. 

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Utilize Their 360 View Tool

An image of a pillow from the side.
The side view of a pillow

Each “Make Your Own Pillow” is printed on both sides with the same image.  And you can use their handy “360 view” tool to see the item from all angles before you make a final decision.

Removable Polyester Poplin Cover

A square pillow with bright Orange flowers in the background, and purple ones in the foreground. Listed under "How to make your own throw pillows"
Autumn Colors

Made from 100% spun polyester poplin fabric, each pillow has a concealed zipper and removable insert for easy cleaning.

And maybe you want to use your own insert. In that case, look for the Yes/No dropdown toggle, and the price will drop a few dollars.

Happy Decorating

A square pillow with the image of Portland Head lighthouse in Maine. Listed under the category of How to make your own throw pillows.
Portland Head

If you have any questions leave a comment below, or use the “Contact Me” page.

Meanwhile, I hope you find what you’re looking for! Have you considered a matching Shower Curtain? Happy Shopping! 

My photography website banner says Print my photos onto almost anything!

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