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Crown Point Car Cruise

The grill of a red truck

The Crown Point Car Cruise is a fun event that is held on Thursdays beginning in June and going through September! That’s right: From 4 to 8 PM on Thursdays, the shiny cars are lined up and down either side of the street, and inside the pavilion! There are several food vendors, and of course, there is live music on the community stage! So bring a chair if you want to sit, and your dancing shoes if you wanna dance!


Crown Point Car Cruise

blue car at crown point car cruise

While exploring the streets of Crown Point, Indiana on this hot August night in 2020, I happened upon this delightful community event! At this point, we are only five months into the pandemic, so there is mutual respect for the space between self and others.  We are hopeful that the crisis will be resolved soon. But meanwhile, suffice it to say, dancing, souped-up engines, and shiny cars are all the medicine we need tonight!  

green and yellow corvettes at Crown Point Car Cruise
Corvettes at the Car Show

Hometown Live Music

After taking all those photos, I put the phone/camera down and mingled for a while. And  I met some really nice people that day! A guy named Dave invited me to the Shadyhill Speedway. He said he was the announcer, and that I should come up to the booth! You can find those pictures here.  If you recognize yourself in this clip (and even if you don’t) SAY HELLO in the comments below!

Dig the Kid in Front!

Notable Fact

A brick wall and an iron gate (a jail cell).
Dillinger’s Jail Cell

Crown Point is a small town in NW Indiana with farmhouses and cornfields.  Predictably, it has a Courthouse Square surrounded by shops, restaurants, and one-way streets.  This quaint town has the dubious distinction of having the County Jail from which John Dillinger escaped. And the preserved jail cell is for your visual amusement.


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