Absolute Tenacity

Bryce Canyon & Zion National Park

The Hoodoo Pillars at Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon & Zion National Park are two separate parks.  They are 90 minutes (roughly 75 miles) apart.  We visited Bryce on the first day, and then Zion on the second day.  Both of them offer shuttle buses, allowing you to park your vehicle once, and then get off and on the shuttle at your own pace.  


Bryce Canyon’s Hoodoos

A woman pushing a stroller on a paved walkway.
Perfect for Strollers or Wheelchairs

Since we are traveling with kiddos, it was very important that we have paved walkways for the stroller.  We tried to put the baby in a backpack, and that worked for a while, but eventually, it’s ever-so-handy to have some wheels!  

A paved walkway, fenced on either side, stretches out into Bryce Canyon for a view.
Bryce Canyon’s Broad Walkways

Bryce Canyon did not disappoint! They had sidewalks and railings that stretched well into the canyon, offering spectacular views!  

Zion National Park

Inside Zion is a paved walkway surrounded by towering rock walls.
Inside Zion
Paved walkway with rails
A paved walkway escorted us from the beginning to the end.
Tall rocks, framed by tree branches in the foreground.
Sheer Rocks at Zion National Park

Zion National Park also had a very nice walkway that escorted us from the beginning, all the way to the very end!  Speaking of the end, we had a nice surprise waiting for us!  

An adult woman with a 6 year old boy sitting on rocks with their feet in the creek. She is trickling water down his neck, and he seems to be objecting!
Cooling Off In the Creek

The terrain flattened out and allowed us to access the water!  That’s right! The cool creek is accessible at the end of the trail! Well, technically, twas the middle, since we still had to hike back!  It was very refreshing, regardless!

The Petting Zoo

Miniature buildings inside the petting zoo. One says "Bank" and the other says "Virgin Jail". One in the background says "Wild Ass Saloon"
Fixtures in the Petting Zoo

As we were leaving Zion National Park, we stopped at the Fort Zion Souvenir Store in Virgin, UT. From the street, we saw some sort of “miniature town” but to see all the details, it was necessary to stop! Turns out, it was a petting zoo! The cute little buildings were facades; for aesthetics! 

A pony approaches a fence looking for carrots. His nose and lips are pointed toward the camera (me) and his white bangs are whipping in the wind.
A pony at the petting zoo
A goat with two horns pointing upward, approaches the fence looking for treats.
A goat at the petting zoo
A donkey at the petting zoo stands quietly near the fence with its ears perked forward.
A donkey at the petting zoo

The animals perked up their ears, looking for the carrots I had purchased inside. They had plenty of shade and clean water, even on a hot day in July.

Next Stop is Vegas!

After a long day hiking Zion National Park, we went back to our hotel in Cedar City, UT to enjoy the pool!  Tomorrow, we will take the 2.5-hour drive into Las Vegas. This is as far west as we will go. After that, we begin traveling eastward, even if it’s slowly.

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