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Adult woman wearing a loose-woven straw hat which allows spots of sunlight on her face. There is a steep flight of stairs directly behind her. Home/About Me.
Donna Sept 2020

Hello, I'm glad you're here!

Tenacity is a key element to getting this done, and readers are a key element to keeping it going. Thank you for being here!

All of the photography is my own, and I try to keep the storyline interesting. Happy reading!

Here’s the plan: Using our National Monuments as a compass, and the backroads as arteries, it is with Absolute Tenacity that I share my exploration of American Backroads through photography and storytelling.

Being a former US Navy Photographer, I’m honing my A-school photography skills and putting them to work!  Using an iPhone XR and a GoPro as equipment, the photos are later edited using Pixlr, GIMP, or Snapseed.

In this picture, my 2013 Toyota RAV4 tows a 2020 T@B 320S Boondock Edge which is a whopping 15 ft. long! If you see me on the road, give me a holler! *Beep-Beep!*

A car pulling a teardrop trailer
My Rig

Home/About Me

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